5 Things You Should Know About Boot Camp! Fit Farm! Not Fat Camp!


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OK, so you’ve decided it’s time to get serious about your diet and exercise routine.  Most people who renew their resolve in this area often consider some type of kick start to create the necessary momentum, if only to break away from the all-to-common “gravity” of the couch-DVR-fridge daily orbit, and set themselves on a new trajectory with the greatest chance of success in creating a lasting habit.  So let’s say that you’ve gotten to this point of critical decision, and you’ve decided that you want to attend a fitness camp but are reluctant because you’re not sure what to expect.  We’ve all watched the biggest loser on TV and seen the effort required to truly transform the human body.  We’ve also see the late-night infomercials where people appear to just take a pill or exercise for 20 minutes a day and experience miraculous, muscle-bound results.  But are these results real? And if not, what’s the REAL DEAL when we’re talking about a significant boot camp experience, designed to bring about the desired change in a typical body and lifestyle.  There’s a lot of myths out there surrounding the burgeoning plethora of fat camps peppering the internet landscape today, along with some sprinklings of truth along the way that have nuggets of reality tucked away in hard to reach places.  In keeping with that, we’ve decided to dive in and explore the fact versus fiction of fat camps, so here are the top 6 things that may ease your mind about investing the time and money to attend one.

#1  Typically, You Will NOT Go Hungry

Fitness camps are about getting you fit through proper diet, exercise, and education.  If you are currently dieting prior to your stay, you will likely be eating more food than you do now on a daily basis.  It’s all about eating the right foods.  At Fit Farm, we believe in real food for real people.  We not only feed you real food that tastes good, but we teach you how to make these same hearty, wholesome nutrition meals at home.  We purposefully choose options that will work for the whole family.  Additionally, learning what to eat and how much will be a skill that you take with you and will allow you to transform your refrigerator and pantry from a nutritional nook into a wealth of health that offers great options for every day of the week.  We also make sure that when you eat here, you’re eating with a healthy frequency, with individually portioned meal plans that include 3 meals and 2 snacks each day.

#2  Results WILL Vary With EFFORT

If your residential boot camp is any measure of success at all, you’ll realize right away that you’re not on vacation. The truth is that the best boot camps aren’t a holiday where you meditate and spend time in the spa pondering the meaning of life, while fat simply melts away with every passing moment – a weight loss dream!  Okay. Time to wake up. 😉 Real fitness camps are about working out and learning how to sustain a healthier lifestyle.  At Fit Farm each guest goes through an onboarding assessment to determine their specific FIT LEVEL (if you haven’t already FOUND YOUR FIT LEVEL ON OUR WEBSITE) which helps our trainers to identify and work from the proper starting point in creating your fitness plan.  Measurements such as RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and VO2 are taken to determine how many calories you body burns on its own, without exercise, your resting heart rate, body mass index, and blood pressure.  In addition, key exercises are performed and measured to assure you are progressing towards your goals during your stay. Creating an individual health profile allows us to build the best exercise program and meal plan to maximize the time you spend here.  The bottom line is everyone comes in at a different place and we factor this into our approach.  Just like every arena of life in general, the more you are willing to put in the more you will likely get out of your boot camp experience.

#3  It Isn’t JUST About Weight Loss

Although the majority of Americans want to lose weight, tone up, get fit, etc…, there are TONS of benefits from attending a fitness camp that go well and beyond the normal “weight loss” paradigm that you may not realize.  Of course there is the educational component about what to eat, how to prepare it, how much to eat and when best to consume it,… as well as what not to eat (or at least what the effects of eating it may be), but there is still far more to a good live in boot camp approach to jump starting your life (or at least there should be).  Most often, you’ll find that you are introduced to body measurements and testing methodologies that you were previously unaware of.  You also get exposure to seminars and workshops about health and wellness topics designed to help you improve your quality of life. Bottom line – total wellness is a much more holistic experience than simply running and then hopping onto a scale every day – which tends to burn people out, rather than help them.

#4  Not Everyone at a Fat Camp is Obese

Many of us were first introduced to the concept of a fat camp by watching the Biggest Loser.  We all know the concept – in order to be the “Biggest Loser” you must have a lot of weight to lose and therefore the competitors on that particular show are severely obese.  But the fact of the matter is that most people who attend a residential boot camp have weight loss goals of only 20 to 60 pounds.  In fact, the spectrum of these so called fat campers ranges diversely from the severely overweight to guests don’t necessarily come to lose weight but rather to get fit or achieve a new athletic level in order to better perform in upcoming competitions.  And regardless of your weight loss and health goals there will likely be other guests that will be “like you” in any quality (and well-organized) camp environment.

#5  You WON’T Be Bored, But You WILL Be Tired

At Fit Farm we schedule 6 workout sessions daily.  In addition to the scheduled workouts, meals and seminars, there are a lot of options available during your free time.  Although you may choose to spend more time sleeping during pockets of downtime, you also have many choice of how to spend your time both on and off site.  There’s a general store for incidentals you may have forgotten to pack but there are also trips to town to shop during the week.  You can also schedule onsite massages and sessions with a personal trainer, life coach, or dietitian… not to mention loads of great extra-curricular diversion available to explore on your own in the surrounding area. Typically, it takes about one week to push through the initial tired zone (we like to call it having a case of the flammajams,… pronounced FLAH-MUH-JAMS), before settling into a rhythm where your body and mind feel up to some evening activities after the intensity of daytime exercise.


It’s great to have some idea of what to expect out of a good live in boot camp, and in addition to the exercises and foods that you experience at camp, you should (and I stress, should!) also be educated on how to survive once you get home.  For instance, the resources you’ll leave Fit Farm with include a binder of daily exercise suggestions, meal plans, and documentation of information you have noted during your stay.  Not only is Fit Farm a resource but we’ve developed an online community for our “farmers” to “grow” and stay connected with each other, finding support and suggestions from fellow Fit Farmers that have also stayed with us and face similar life struggles. These are just a few facts that may ease your mind while mulling over the decision to attend a fitness camp. But in our opinion, nothing says it better than someone who’s been here and actually done it. Obligatory awesome Fit Farmer YouTube testimonial incoming! Check out Jen’s story:

Even if you don’t come to Fit Farm, it great that you’re contemplating this next big move in your personal fitness development. Whatever you choice, we’re here to help you move forward in the most conscious, educated way possible, so don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help in any way. Made a decision and wondering what to do next?  Get ready!  One of the best things you can do to prepare for camp is to begin your journey before you leave.  You aren’t going to compete for a big prize while at camp so why not start getting healthy before you go.  At Fit Farm we are here to support your journey, not just your visit.  Once you reserve your stay we send you a welcome packet along with some suggestions to make the months or weeks leading up to camp as fruitful as possible in reaching your long-term goals.  Also, the more consistent your diet before you arrive, the better our tests will be able to predict your true metabolic rate.  Remember, this decision is about taking care of YOU so that you can be better at everything that you do.

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