Fit Farm! Not Fat Camp! - A Word from our founder


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Throughout life my experiences have been varied and diverse. I’ve often wondered how and why I’ve ended up in the roles that I have weaving this web I’ve called life. I realize now that all of these experiences were simply preparing me for my next venture. My time spent in Los Angeles, where I completed my personal training certification and worked as an executive in the pharmaceuticals industry; my time as an athlete playing both rugby and American football; the time spent running first a hotel technology company and then an international hotel company; and finally my pursuit of an education from Kellogg School of Business; all of these ventures, now added to become the next adventure. All of these experiences were preparing me for Fit Farm. I have chosen to pursue a dream that will allow me to measure my success by how many lives are impacted. I’ve also chosen to surround myself with individuals that want to be part of something that is bigger than any of us can be on our own. I know now that this is my heart, and the heart of everything we bring to you as our guest.

I am so excited to welcome our guests to Fit Farm. As an entrepreneur I have started many ventures but none that I hold as passionately or that represents ME more. Having watched my parents struggle with obesity and recently overcoming the loss of my mother, I’m ready to challenge the status quo and help others take control of their lives. As a busy executive, life took over; work and other responsibilities filled my day, leaving no time for exercise or my health. Now, after having “been there and done that”, I want to help others through these same life challenges.

As our guests arrive I know they may not be ready for what they are about to experience but I also know they will thank me when they leave. I am committed to the success of each and every individual that stays with us at Fit Farm. It is for this reason that I am confident in guaranteeing results. Keeping the long term lifestyle enhancement of our guests in mind; we realized that you have to create habits. There are many sources that state a 21-day routine will form a new habit. Our goal is to help you form new healthy habits. Fit Farm is about YOU, our guest – but in so many ways it’s also about who you WANT to become. I want you to know that you’re not just another nameless client when you walk onto the farm. Here, we greet you at the door and meet you where you are at in life. Our expert trainers will push you but will adapt to the level you are on day 1.

Come meet our team and let us be a part of your journey. In turn you will become part of our community, not just during your stay, but for as long as you need support, education, suggestions, and just a friend. Not only will our team be here but you are also likely to form friendships that will last a lifetime as you connect with those guests that are traveling a similar path. I am truly blessed to be able to have this opportunity to pursue this vision; I hope you’ll join me. See you on the farm.


– – Kristin Intress, Founder of Fit Farm


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