The Fit Farm Experience

Behind the Curtain at Fit Farm: The Anatomy of a Weight Loss Camp

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Curious about changing your lifestyle habits? Sick of having no energy? Do you want a killer body? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Fit Farm is an all-inclusive weight loss camp dedicated to helping you transform your life. In just a few short weeks, we give you the tools and confidence to learn new habits and crush your goals! No matter your current fitness level, we will tailor to your needs and help you succeed. Creating and sustaining new habits is what it’s all about.

Curious to learn what a weight loss camp exactly entails? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading for all the juicy details. Beware: This isn’t your typical “fat camp”.

the fit farm experience

Data Gathering

No guess-work involved here, we carefully use data-driven approaches that measures your exact fitness and nutritional needs.

  • 3-D Body Scanning – Using one of the best scanners worldwide, this measures your shape, composition, and many other statistics. Our scanners only take seconds to read you! This equals less wasted time and fewer errors in any measurements.
  • FitBit Integration – Consistency is key. Our top of the line trainers capture your FitBit data from day one. Closely monitored training followed with exceptional nutrition information creates the perfect combo. This also ensures that your workouts are diverse – no two days are exactly alike here on the farm.
  • Resting Metabolic Rate testing (RMR) – This test determines how many calories your body uses at rest. Basically, if you sat on a couch all day doing nothing, this is the number of calories you burn just for your organs and body to function on a day-to-day basis. The measurement analyzes the oxygen your body uses versus the carbon dioxide the body produces through any aerobic metabolism. This starting data is critical to ensure you stay on course and improve throughout the camp.
  • History – We will also gather personal data about any surgeries, health conditions, or any issues we need to be aware of before starting our program.
  • Measurements – Blood pressure, body fat, weight and physical endurance are also recorded.

the fit farm experience

Wellness Acclimation

You deserve the best of the best. Outstanding accommodations await you after all the work you put in training everyday. Rest assured knowing you’ll have a clean, gorgeous, comfortable room to rest your head and re-energize for another exciting day. You’ll be re-setting your sleep patterns for optimal performance during the program. Getting the proper sleep is critical each day.

Every detail has been planned at Fit Farm. From the serene landscape to the tranquil decor that add the touch of home, you are welcomed into a place that was built to support you in every way.

the fit farm experience

Adaptive Nutritional Planning

Let’s talk food! Food is essential for every day living, it’s also one of the leading struggles or addictions for many people. Certified Nutritionists will engage you in learning sessions to maximize your body’s metabolism.

Will you have to starve? NO! Quick fixes, crash diets, deprivation…these never work. We do not ever want you hungry. We create a customized meal plan to fuel your body and stay on track. Our culinary experts will give you the tools you need to eat healthy and delicious food, re-learn how to grocery shop for the “right” things, how to eat healthy in restaurants, how to cook, and completely make-over your relationship with food. Following these tools, it will allow you to keep a healthy weight and fitness level for the rest of your life. That’s our overall goal!

the fit farm experience

High-Performance Training

You’ll be in training mode for roughly 6 hours per day (and don’t worry, we have days off!)… Don’t let this scare you, you’re going to LOVE that heart pounding, satisfying, sweaty burn. You’ll feel so alive! We like to mix things up and have a variety of fitness activities for you such as, spin, yoga, boxing, TRX suspension, resistance training, and tabata. Our Whippy Barn training complex has all kinds of fun waiting for you including, tractor pushes, ropes and slopes, and punching bags. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind training environment that you won’t find anywhere else (and don’t forget the Whippy Wheel!). Our Whippy Trail is a one mile loop around a pond, enjoy some sunshine on your walk or run! You’ll be training in team activities and solo as well. Our training plans pack in one entire month of training for each week you’re with us. Trainers will be with you every step of the way of your training, pushing you to your limits.

Exit Preparedness

All your hard work is paying off as you near the end of your program. What’s next? As you begin to prepare for departure, we want to make sure you know you have our team and your peers’ support, long past your journey here. Having connections to peers who went through the same program you completed is great for continued support to keep your new habits booming out in the “real world”. Gathering all the new information you learned, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and confident before you step foot off our camp. Whether it’s help in the kitchen, training schedules, or any other questions you feel wary about, we want you to have all the answers to succeed!

So there’s a preview on what it’s like to be at a weight loss camp, seems pretty amazing right? Absolutely. Stepping outside of your comfort zone to engage in a life-altering transformation is a huge accomplishment. Watch yourself change right before your eyes. Not only will our camp change your physical appearance, mentally you will grow stronger too, which will carry down into other facets of your daily life. Our team is ready to start your transformation today.

Contact Fit Farm today to get started! Believe in yourself, YOU can do this!