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ASK A TRAINER: Billie’s Favorite Winter Salad

Greetings Fit Farmers! And welcome to salad country! (Okay, okay,… as intros go that was probably as subtle as a health howitzer to your belly after a long – and probably losing, Thanksgiving weekend battle)… and I know that most of your carb-addled brains are probably still thinking…

Salad? That's What My Food Eats. Fit Farm. Challenge Your Salad Limits!

But here’s the thing, especially during the post-thanksgiving aftermath, as gorger’s remorse turns to thoughts of healthier horizons and your body starts begging you to abandon the sugar-drip of bad decisions for better fare, salads start to seem pretty good all around. BUT,… as the temperatures begin to dip, so does the flavor of many of my favorite salad ingredients (it seems we still haven’t invented all-climate biospheres in outer space capable of intergalactic produce cultivation and transport via Amazon Prime – get on that Elon Musk/Jeff Bezos! Sheesh guys! Chop, chop… you martian gods).  And anyway, while summer tomatoes are a sweet treat, the same can’t be said for the greenhouse grown varieties available in winter.  That doesn’t mean that I want to give up eating salads, however.  This time of year, it’s possible to keep your salads flavorful, and believe it or not, hot!  A purist might say this isn’t really a salad at all, but rather a stir-fry.  So be it.  The ingredients in this dish are readily available this time of year, nutrient dense, and oh-so tasty.  And if you’re anything like me, you can put away a lot of food, so it’s a super-jackpot bonus when a fulfilling meal is also fresh, fibrous, and flavorful! So enough with the prologue, onto the deets of the eats!


The ingredients:

1 leek

5 green onions

5 mushrooms

3 cloves of garlic

5 asparagus spears (optional)

2 Tbsp Pine nuts

1 oz. Feta cheese

Cooking spray (optional)


Brace Yourself, Winter Salad is Cooking!

I like to cook in a cast iron skillet for a couple of reasons.  First, if I’m honest, it’s because I don’t have to run them through the dishwasher!  I also like to use them to get a little bit of extra iron in my diet.  If your pan is well seasoned, there is enough water in the veggies to keep them from sticking as they cook down.  Otherwise, a light coating of cooking spray will do the trick (and if you’re of the paleo persuasion, bacon fat or a little beef tallow in the skillet works too).


Chop all the veggies and place them in your skillet.  Cook them down to desired consistency stirring frequently.  Add pine nuts and cook a minute or so more.  Transfer contents of pan to plate, and top with feta cheese. Awww yes…. Taste bomb incoming. 😉

Fit Farm. Billie's winter Salad!

Servings and Such

This serves just one, so multiply the recipe if you’re cooking for more than one person.  I like to make this as a treat for myself when my children have other lunch plans, which now might look like a school lunch, but when I home schooled them looked like spinach infused mac-n-cheese that we dubbed “Hulk Macaroni” (Recipe forthcoming! Stay tuned!)

Fit Farm. Billie's winter Salad!

Each serving has approximately 340 calories, 18g fat, 31g carbohydrate, 8g fiber, and 13g protein.  The healthy fats and fiber make you feel full, while the intense flavor between garlic, onions, leeks, and feta gives your taste buds something to linger upon. So that’s it! Don’t let winter suck the life out of your salads, and instead try this on for size next time you’re contemplating a crafty winter creation! Bon Apetit!


Billie S. Hallman is a Certified Whippy Trainer with Fit Farm just outside Nashville, TN. Her most recent adventures have earned her black belts in multiple martial arts styles, taken her to India to study yoga, and afforded her the great privilege of teaching these disciplines to others. She, her husband, four children, and a number of livestock enjoy life on their farm in Bethpage, TN. For more great ‘Ask A Trainer’ topics in fitness, weight loss, nutrition and wellness sent straight to your inbox, CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE.