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Exercise and Body Type: Finding the Right Exercises for You

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Not one body is the same. You may know someone that workouts for one hour a week and gets the same results you get with 5-one hour workouts a week. Yes, that’s a struggle. But crying over it won’t change anything. The truth is we all have different body types. Understanding the body types and finding the right exercises for you will help reach your goals more effectively.

There are generally 3 body types. You may fall under one specifically or even as a combination. There’s a system that shows you what type of body type mix you are, the Heath-Carter system. Watch a short video explaining the different body types:

Yes, it’s all about genes. BUT don’t be discouraged, you got time and hard work to change what you may think is your destiny. Nothing is set in stone unless you let it be. The important thing is to love your body no matter what. Train your body because you love it and want it to be healthy not because you hate it.
Find out what type of exercises and food work for you:


Ectomorphs have the advantage of being good at processing carbs into energy and have a fast metabolism that burn off fat easily. Which also means it’s hard for you to get bulky. If you want to become more muscular, make sure to reduce the cardio sessions while focusing on huge, compound exercises and high rep workouts.

Fit Farm exercise for ectomorph

What to do?

  • Compound movements, meaning lots of volume of sets in the range of 8-to-12 rep
  • Have longer rest periods between each set (about 3-5 mins)
  • Workout 3 times a week
  • Keep training time to 45 minutes or less excluding warmup times
  • 80% of moves should be working big muscle groups
  • Avoid slow, long distance workouts
  • If you’re looking for muscle gain, do a diet that is high in calories – healthy carbs, protein and healthy fat.


Mesomorphs are the most desirable body types. You have naturally an athletic build. Luckily many different workouts will tend to show results on this type of body. A good balance would be to add different training methods and isolate movements targeting specific body parts. For example, high/low intensity, short/long rest intervals, explosive/tempo reps, etc. While mesomorphs tend to gain muscle easily, they also have the tendency to gain fat. So it’s also important to include some cardio or circuit training to keep the fat away.

Fit Farm exercise for mesomorph

What to do?

  • You have good genes, but don’t let that go to waste
  • Low reps
  • Pair strength with power moves
  • Focus on 3-4 body parts per day
  • Set goals while training and increase intensity to challenge yourself
  • Still do light movements on rest days
  • Your meals should consist of 40% complex carbohydrates, 30% lean protein and 30% healthy fats


Endomorphs tend to store body fat easily, specially in the lower body. To get a balanced shape, work on your shoulders and pick exercises that strip away excess fat from the lower body. You could incorporate some weight training to help boost your metabolism.

Fit Farm exercise for endomorph

What to do?

  • Do HIIT, circuit training or aerobics to shed fat
  • Avoid only focusing on the core. Do overall body workouts.
  • Avoid slow, long distance workouts
  • Get sleep, reduce stress levels
  • Your meals should be high in fiber and low carbs. Try to get carbs from vegetables
  • Focus on 4 days a week of hypertrophy training (heavy weight, low reps) in addition to your cardio to boost your metabolism

Now that you know all about body types, take a test to find out which one you fall under. It’s time to start succeeding!