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END WEIGHT: 127 lbs

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To Anyone who is considering going to fit farm, book your flights immediately and just get there.The sooner you go the sooner you can change your life.

I was for years in a rut.I drank too much wine, ate enough for 5 people, did not have any lung capacity to stay on a treadmill or do cardio.I HATED the word treadmill and even more RUNNING!I was depressed because I was not seeing any way to change my life even though I knew mentally I must.
I went online to look for ???I did not know what I was looking for but there it was.
Fit Farm

The idea of Fit Farm..the cabins, the outdoors, the nutritional guidance working on my stamina and the idea of getting a start toward the rest of my life just instantly made me happy.
I arranged my life and went for two weeks.

It is hard to put emotions into words to explain what the farm is like so I will say it is like coming to a place where you don’t have to hide anything.All of the people that work there(I can’t even say the word work, it just doesn’t seem right because everyone becomes your family, like your cousins, are in the kitchen cooking (but they were taught by a world-renowned nutritional chef) lol and your sister is flying around the room asking who needs to go to the store and the owner is like your girlfriend doing pushups right along side of you high fiving you.They will do anything to help you succeed while you are there and give you help for when you come home.

The trainers are Alison and Aj.I can write at least 5 pages on what they did for me but let me say these few words to everyone,
Alison and Aj are top notch trained professionals with numerous credentials and degrees.They watch you so closely that at the beginning of class they tell each and every individual person what speed or incline or modification of an exercise they need to be on.It is personal training but in a group setting.It is amazing how they do that.We also every day at lunch were empowered with knowledge of our body and science and the connections.Again, too much to list.

Remember me not running? no lung capacity?The evil treadmill? No stamina? Hah!
The magic of Aj.

Before I knew it He had me running on the treadmill and doing 163 steps on Stairmaster lol(he is sneaky)He had me do things that I did not know I could do but he did and Damn if I wasn’t going to try!!.Sometimes when I am exercising now and I feel like I am losing steam I close my eyes and hear him in his sergeant’s voice saying “HOLBROOK YOU GOT THIS !” and I get those last reps in.Thanks, AJ.
Alison has a different tactic. She had me pull a plow at 95 pounds while smiling at me as she convinced me I could do it or as I am squatting on a wall she hands me a big round weight and of course smiles.Lol.They are a great team.

Food was fantastic and we learned all about nutrition and calories and what the body really needs.I did not feel hungry at all and meals were all of us together like a family talking about our problems both mental and physical and let’s face it, to be out of shape and overeating is because of something going on in our heads which is where the power to succeed or not comes from.

Fit Farm gives you the power.
I was there for two weeks.I weighed 134 lbs when I started and lost 7, gained 3 lbs of muscle and lost 12 inches.

More importantly is I gained power. Power over myself. Power of knowledge of food and that with hard work I can do anything.It was a life-changing experience for me.

Fit farm gave me myself back and I was ready to come home and kick some ass in all aspects of my life.
I am a month home now. I have mentally changed due to Fit Farm.I am Down another three pounds, working out 5 to 6 times a week and putting in place all I have learned about food. I get a text from AJ every week checking in on me and I can call anyone at the farm for any reason and they will be there for me always.

as I said above…
To Anyone who is considering going to Fit Farm, book your flights immediately and just get there.
The sooner you go the sooner you can change your life.
It did mine.

Thank you Fit Farm
Kim Holbrook

53 years old
Mother of a 15-year-old
Business owner

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