Staying fit during the holidays

Staying Fit During the Holidays

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The holidays are upon us, friends. Food, family, holiday parties… and even more food. There is temptation at every turn. If you’re trying to stick to your fitness goals, you’re probably finding it difficult to participate in the festivities without feeling left out. We feel you and we’re here to help! Holiday foods are so intertwined into how we celebrate, but we’re going to help you shift the focus back to a healthier you.

Focus on family and friends

I cannot stress enough the importance of a supportive network (more about this in our motivation blog.) Share your fitness goals with your family and friends. Recruit your allies that can support you through the holidays and even participate in your goals with you. Better yet, start a new tradition with your family. Maybe its a new healthy recipe, running a local 5k as a group, playing board games together, or even just a family walk after a meal together. Although unhealthy foods have become synonymous with holiday celebrations, they certainly aren’t the source of meaning behind the holidays. Gather with the ones you love in happy, healthy ways, and everyone will benefit.

Shop smart, snack smart

At the start of fall, I did something unheard of, for me—I went through my house and threw away ALL the snacks. If bad food is at your convenience it is much harder to resist it. Why do we do this to ourselves? So, start by removing all the edible distractions from your home base. When you’re at the grocery store and you’re debating tossing those Doritos in your cart, don’t! Just avoid the snack aisles entirely. You will find nothing but temptation and empty calories there, which we discuss in our clean eating blog. Have a list and a plan when you enter the store. Discover new healthful recipes to try and stick to the ingredient list. I also recommend a visit to the pre-cut veggies section. Having snack-ready veggies on-hand makes healthy snacking a breeze.

Stay on schedule

The holidays can be a very busy time of year for most people. Shopping for presents, cooking for your family, holiday parties—it can be difficult to find time in your schedule for exercise. The solution? Schedule it. Same time of day, every workout day that is in your exercise plan. Set a reminder in your phone and leave Post-it note reminders for yourself to keep your fitness goals top of mind, and encourage you to get out and do it. If you wait until there is a lull in your schedule, that time will not come. Your fitness and weight loss goals are important, so exercise should not be treated as an afterthought. Try working out in the morning to set the tone and your motivation for the day. Or, when you’re in a time crunch, three 15-minute exercises in a day can be equally effective (and check out even more exercises you can do at home.)

Just say ‘no’

I believe that there is a desire to please others in all of us (to varying degrees, of course.) For some of us, that desire to please others means we won’t invest in our own goals and do something that is just for us. In listening to the stories of our visitors at Fit Farm, there is a sense of selfishness associated with devoting one’s self to their fitness and weight loss goals. To that, I say “This is your time and you deserve to be healthy and happy”. Full stop. And it starts with developing your ‘no’ muscle. Learning when to say ‘no’ is key to staying on-task. To the family member trying to guilt you for spending time on fitness? No. The friend trying to tempt you into a cheat day? No. For anyone trying to distract you from investing in a better you, tell them a solid and stern ‘no’. Focus on your goals, believe in your plan, and wave goodbye to the haters as you move forward.

There you have it four simple reminders that will help you stay on-plan and on-task through the holidays. If you need complete distraction from all the fun and festivities, come see us at Fit Farm. We have holiday specials going on right now. Give us a call!