my fitness story

My Fitness Story

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At the Fit Farm blog, we typically write how-to guides on exercise, nutrition, and motivation. But today, I want to share my own personal love/hate relationship with fitness. I hope that it gives you the courage to share yours too. Because honestly, sometimes it just helps to hear about the experiences of others to put things in perspective and get …

benefits of lifting weights

The Benefits of Lifting Weights

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When most people think about weight lifting, they imagine super swollen gym bros lifting hundreds of pounds of weight in the gym every day. In truth, the healthy amount of weights for the average person looks nothing like that (no knock on our weight-loving fam though!) People who add weight lifting to their exercise program a mere two days out …

The Fit Farm Experience

Behind the Curtain at Fit Farm: The Anatomy of a Weight Loss Camp

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Curious about changing your lifestyle habits? Sick of having no energy? Do you want a killer body? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Fit Farm is an all-inclusive weight loss camp dedicated to helping you transform your life. In just a few short weeks, we give you the tools and confidence to learn new …

three keys to motivation

Three Keys to Motivation

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You’re in the driver seat. Your level of motivation is all up to you, which is precisely the problem. Your well of motivation depends on a single critical component—emotions. It’s unavoidable. You can accomplish any number of tactical feats, but until you address how you feel about it, your chances of success are diminished. Think about any difficulty that you …

Four Reasons Fitness Retreats Are The New Mommy Therapy. Fit Farm.


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Four Reasons Fitness Retreats Are The New Mommy Therapy: A Guide to Resetting Your Life Balance All across the country, a new type of ‘therapy’ for moms is starting to gain traction. It used to be spas and passive wellness retreats had all the action, and (when one could), a mom would sneak away for a week in order to …

The #1 Worst Food To Eat Before Hitting the Sack


If you’re jonesing for a midnight snack, be sure to avoid this food that can derail your sleep and wreak havoc on your diet. We’ve all had this experience: it’s nighttime, sometime after dinner, but… surprise, surprise,… your tummy is still rumbly. You’re looking for something to satisfy your hunger pangs and set you up for a nice, warm “momma-bear-style” …