The Ultimate Fitness Bucket List

The Ultimate Fitness Bucket List

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Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure? Explore new heights within yourself during Bucket List week!

The term “bucket list” typically refers to something (or a list of things) you would like to do before you die. Big accomplishments that you’ll knock out one day, eventually, maybe when life gives you no other choice. But at Fit Farm, we say “why wait?!”. Don’t wait until the choice is made for you. Turn your aspirations into action now! We spend so much of our lives putting off the things we want and that are ultimately good for us. And for what? Live your best life now. Challenge yourself today. We’ve pulled a few ideas together to get you started. Of course, we would also love to hear what else is on your bucket list down in the comments.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail tops many a bucket list, and for good reason. This massive trail that spans 14 states and 2,190 miles is the longest hiking-only footpath in the United States. Millions of people visit the trail every year to soak in its majestic views of nature and to overcome its many challenges. The AT encourages you to dig deep within yourself for the mental and physical strength required to overcome its rough terrain. You gain perspective about life, about yourself, about your limits. You also learn to appreciate nature and your place in it. Being out there on the trail allows you to see how truly massive the trees and mountains are and how insignificant we are by comparison. Really makes you evaluate all the day-to-day problems that we stress and worry over. You walk away from it realizing that you can conquer that trail and you can conquer anything. Now that’s peace of mind.

Scuba Diving

Ever wonder what it is like to be a fish? Using a scuba, otherwise known as a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, you can breathe underwater and dive to deeper depths than snorkeling. Scuba diving offers you a fantastic view into life under the surface of the ocean. You observe all kinds of colorful aquatic creatures and coral reefs (depending on where you dive, of course.) The whole experience is truly fascinating. Of course, inexperienced divers are required to venture out with a certified scuba instructor. This person will ensure all equipment is in proper working order and safety precautions are observed. Your first time out they will demonstrate how to use the equipment and let you get comfortable with it at a shallow depth before heading out.

Nashville 5k Marathon

With rolling hills and lush landscapes, it is no wonder Nashville is the home to several marathons. Two of our favorites, the Rock n’ Roll Marathon and the Nashville Marathon, both provide a running experience for runners at all fitness levels. The Rock n’ Roll Marathon, formerly known as the Music City Marathon, supports the St. Jude Foundation. The Nashville Marathon supports The Gilda Club, an organization supporting cancer patients and their families. Every marathon held in Nashville will take you through the most popular parts of the city, where locals will show up to lend their cheers and high fives to motivate you along the way! The city of Nashville is a beautiful town with the perfect setting to challenge your limits and check this item off your bucket list. It’s also a good excuse to tack on a few extra days to check out the rest of the city and our farm!

Ballroom Dancing

Have you been dreaming up ways for you and your partner to do activities together? Not every bucket list item has to be wild, daring, and adventurous. From the waltz, to the tango, to a good ol’ fashioned two-step, ballroom dancing is the perfect opportunity to learn something new and participate in an activity together with your partner. Ballroom dancing also happens to have the added benefit of teaching you muscle control. cohesiveness, and endurance as you execute the steps and turns. Not to mention the calories you will burn! Salsa anyone?