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What’s your score? The first step toward achieving your goals is understanding YOUR body. We start each stay with a complete fitness assessment using the latest STYKU 3D body fitness scanner along with traditional measurements of blood pressure, body fat, weight and physical endurance. These initial measurements guide us in helping you to establish goals for your stay and beyond. Daily fitness measurements helps us determine your progress for your overall fitness level.


Fitness Boot Camp Nashville, TN - Fit Farm! Boxing Classes!


Jab, parry and pound your way to a rock hard physique with one of the oldest and most respected forms of pugilism. Our boxing fitness sessions are designed to challenge your body in a blend of both endurance and flexibility in order to push yourself. Pound it out!

Fitness Workout Camp Nashville TN - Resistance Training!


Resistance training uses a combination of free weights, resistance bands, and your own body weight to increase muscle strength and maximize weight loss. The most natural way to increase strength and endurance. Pumping iron is a way of life on the farm!

Adult Fat Camp Nashville, TN - TRX Suspension Training - At Fit Farm!


With its origins in the Navy SEALs, TRX Suspension Training helps to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability all at once. This method of training uses gravity and your own body weight to accomplish a variety of workouts designed by our trainers.

Adult Fat Farm near Nashville, TN (Tennessee) - Tabata-Classes - Come to FF!


As a general rule, Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It usually consists of eight to ten rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises performed in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off type of interval.

Fit Farm! The Best Weight Loss Retreat Nashville TN - Can You Survive the Whippy Barn?


Get Whippy with it! There’s no way to fully describe the creative fitness commotion that spills out of our Whippy Barn each and every day. But sufficed to say, amid the tears of glory and sweat you just might find out what you’re made of inside this fantastic fitness playground on the farm.

Fit Farm Fitness Retreat, Nashville TN - Embark on the Whippy Trail


You never know what you’ll encounter on Fit Farm’s Whippy Trail! This one mile loop meanders around The Pond and is both challenging and adaptive to all fitness levels, regardless of experience. The trail features curious Whippy Milestones and generous doses of warm sunlight along the way!

Fit Farm Weight Loss Program in Nashville, TN - Spin Classes!


Spin, or indoor cycling, is a form of high-intensity cardio training which focuses on endurance, intervals, high tempo (racing simulation) and periodic recovery, using a special stationary cycle with a heavy resistance flywheel, spinning your way through the Whippy Barn experience.

best outdoor yoga nashville tn


Often called the ultimate body-mind exercise, yoga has been proven to build superior strength, improve mood, and increase overall flexibility. Our yoga instructors will caringly guide you through poses and postures designed to achieve the highest degree of benefit for your body.

  • I was surprised by the beauty, detail, comfort and thought that went into everything. Mostly, I was surprised by the genuine love and care of the entire staff. I do not think I have ever met so many interesting and wonderful people… By the second week, with the help of the best coaches, I was determined to conquer everything. Four weeks later, I’ve lost 16lbs and 24 inches. I went from 9 push-ups to 46 push-ups, on my toes! I can now run… as I don’t consider myself a runner, that is a big deal. Because of this experience, I am excited to live again. I have made new friends and conquered what used to be “impossible”. Because of Fit Farm I can go home, make the changes I need to make, face my challenges and grow gracefully being healthy and fit.

    Jody (from Ohio), FIT LEVEL ONE | 4 WEEK PROGRAM
boot camp for weight loss - fit farm


At Fit Farm, we believe in bringing together communities of like-minded individuals. Share in the collective experience of transforming and growing together through fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Explore your new journey with us and create life-long friendships. Join other Fit Farm guests during our hosted special interest weeks. At Fit Farm, we’re not just another weight loss camp,… we’re a community.

boot camp for losing weight - fit farm


Regardless of your fitness level or goal, you’re always welcome at Fit Farm. As part of our connected family, we want to build a lasting friendship both during your experience and far beyond your initial stay. We’re not here to throw jargon or slogans, but rather to encourage you to stay focused on who you want to be. Stay connected with us below and let’s keep in touch!

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