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END WEIGHT: 267 lbs
INCHES: 52 inches lost

I began my fitness and weight loss journey in December of 2016. I had previously retired from the military and had just completed a 20-year career as a business owner of an Environmental Remediation company. As an entrepreneur, all my time and energy was focused on the business. My health, fitness and nutrition took a back seat and I was overweight and out of shape. In December, I began by walking a mile a day and starting to watch meals and calorie intake. Progress was slow and after 4 1/2 months I had only lost about 25lbs. I knew that I needed help to really learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

I found the Fit Farm online and reached out to the farm to see if this could be a good fit. Almost immediately I was impressed by the caring attitude of the staff on the phone. I decided to sign up for a 2 week stay during May, 2017. From the drive down the beautiful country lane driveway to the farm to the warmest greeting from the staff, I knew the Fit Farm was the right fit.

Training included everything from walking/running, pushups, sit-ups, boxing, weights and oh those burpees! After the first few days I was sore, but I was feeling better about myself knowing I was moving in the right direction. The most impressive part of the Farm is absolutely the staff. Each of the trainers bring a different style so that it never gets stale. Additionally, the lunch and learn sessions are exceptional. The head chef and nutritionist (Corey) provides amazing meals. My entire time at the farm I never was hungry. Corey is passionate about teaching food prep classes using the right ingredients and actually requiring that participants weigh and prep food.

During my first two weeks at the farm I lost 22lbs and 6 inches off my waist. I decided to return to the farm twice more in June and July for 1 week sessions each time. I am now down 57lbs having lost a total of 52 inches while gaining over 20lbs of muscle.

I highly recommend Fit Farm for anyone that needs a push to commence a life of healthy nutrition and fitness. The farm has truly turned my life around. If you want to put in the work you will be amazed what the Fit Farm can do for you.


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